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Does media treat Charlie Sheen better than Chris Brown?

Robin Roberts interviews Chris Brown on "Good Morning America" about his new album and Rihanna. After the interview, Brown reportedly broke a window in his dressing room.

Sure, they’re both woman beaters, but only one of them is frequently asked about that part of his past. The other is egged on enough to capture statements about having “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA.” But one of them is also a rage-aholic who still has tantrums after court-ordered anger management classes and has probably been prepped on how to handle the questions by a team of people.

After his blow-up following an interview on Good Morning America, Chris Brown reportedly broke a window in his dressing room and, after ABC called security, he split with his entourage and took to his Twitter account to vent. According to New York Magazine, Brown tweeted (and has since deleted): “”I’m so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullshit.” Bad spelling and overuse of exclamation points aside, Chris does have a point. Charlie Sheen has been plagued with reports of abusive behavior in most of his relationships and, although he’s asked about at least one instance often, he’s not asked about it in every interview. Chris’ problem is that he’s not looking deeper into why. But, hey, he only had 140 characters.

Charlie Sheen claims he’s never abused a woman, but two of his ex-wives both cited violence pointed toward them from Sheen. Kelly Preston, his former fiance, was also “accidentally” shot by him in 1990 and the relationship ended soon after. I’m not convinced all of these reports are untrue, especially considering his years of drug addiction.

Chris Brown gets all of the media attention on his one incident because of who he abused. I read an article (I’d link it if I could remember where it was from) that really went into detail about the types of women Sheen chooses. They’re usually starlets who’ve done enough roles to be recognized in some circles, but are in no way famous and none of his former partners have really reached the so-called A-list. Kelly Preston is simply known as John Travolta’s wife and someone you may recognize if you’re watching a marathon of 80s films. Denise Richards looked like she was on the fast track toward becoming an A-list sex symbol after Wild Things, but that never panned out, although she did have her own reality show and several other movie roles. Brooke Mueller has been in a couple of films and worked on ET, but was largely unknown before she married him.

Brown, on the other hand, abused one of the most-known entertainers in the music businesses on Grammy weekend. Rihanna is an internationally recognized recording artist, so anything that happens to her will interest a percentage of the population that is significant enough to merit questioning for years. Twenty years from now, when he’s married with kids, only performs for charity events or awards show tributes and is promoting his new children’s book inspired by his experiences as a father, every television personality will ask him about Rihanna. The sad truth is, it’s not about how many women you abuse, it’s about who you abuse.

Another factor in their treatment is their reactions to questioning. Sheen seems to have embraced his insanity as some form of sanity and is more comfortable with questioning. He’ll tell an interviewer when he thinks a questions is dumb and will explain why without getting angry; he’ll be more annoyed than anything. Brown gets visibly heated. On Good Morning America it seemed as if he might spring out of his chair and start biting Robin Roberts, as he did Rihanna during their episode (if you don’t believe me, read the police report).

Now that he’s parted ways with his publicist, maybe Brown will find someone who can really show him how to behave and get back on track with his career. And maybe this new album will also help. Look for a review of it in the next couple of days. At least his future seems much more certain than Sheen’s.

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