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Side-by-Side: Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ & Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You’

As I’m writing this, I just realized both their names are Justin. That was totally a coincidence, to be clear. I don’t troll around looking for similar videos from artists with the same first name.

Since I have to stay up on my teen popular culture (I’ll say it’s because I just started doing social media for a teen magazine and want to work in the teen market, but I may secretly enjoy teen culture.), I watched Justin Bieber’s new video for “Boyfriend” Thursday night. I’m going to ignore the fact that the intro made me think my computer couldn’t handle all the teen idol gushing off of the Biebs and turned off, when it was actually just some sort of editing effect. Aside from the fact that the girl in video looks extremely uncomfortable (Was Selena on set or something?) and isn’t into him at all, I was instantly reminded of Justin Timberlake’s first solo music video for “Like I Love You.” J.T. chose a lead in the video who could at least pretend to find him attractive and wasn’t always looking off camera (I swear Selena must have been on the set.), but the whole let’s-dance-in-a-crowded-parking-lot-while-we-try-to-pick-up-a-girl scene took me back a while. They also both do a lot of foot movements and wiggle their shoulders, which I guess is supposed to be sexy. Honestly, it just makes me think they’re shaking a mosquito off or something.

Of course, Justin Bieber’s is exclusively in a parking lot, as he stars into the dead eyes of his lady love. (Sorry, but I just can’t get over how long he made us wait just to see some girl who acts like he had bad breath or something.) J.T. branches out a bit, using some sort of stage and dancing around in leather pants. And can we please not ignore Timberlake’s crotchet hat and the fact that he’s wearing 7-11 shirt at a 7-11! Why did we allow celebrities to dress like this and say nothing? Past fashion critics, you should’ve done better.

I don’t know what you think, but it seems to me that Bieber is using some past inspiration. With J.T.’s track record, it’s a good move. I just wish Mr. Timberlake would do something musical again. Why do we let Jessica Biel stick around if she’s not even encouraging him to get back in the studio? Jess, you have the power to put an end to his hiatus!

Did I mention I like both of these songs? Because I do. Watch and listen, guys. And let me know if there are any other parking lot pick-up videos from pseudo R&B/Pop artists that I should be aware of.

“Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber

“Like I Love You” by Justin Timberlake

Update [5.4.12 at 9:36 p.m.]: MTV Style compared this video to N*Sync’s “Girlfriend” and I definitely see the similarity there, too.

“Girlfriend” by N*Sync

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Pixar Releases Teaser Trailer for ‘Brave’

It’s only a minute long, so you probably wonder why I bothered posting? I’m just so excited for “Brave” to hit theaters next summer. It’s the first girl protagonist in a Pixar film and it’s their first fairy tale. Instead of all the squeaky clean stuff, they’re going for more in the realm of Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grimm fairy tales, according to co-director Brenda Chapman. I wish they took the same approach with the classics, but it would’ve made for a different childhood for all of us.

There’s already been a bit of drama with Mark Andrews being brought on as a co-director with Chapman, who was supposed to be the first female director of a Pixar film, and she’s reportedly no longer working on the project. She did co-write the story, however.

Check out the teaser below. If you can’t tell by the narration and scenery, it’s set in Scotland.

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Blame Kelly Rowland for Usher’s New Dance-Inspired Sound

Kelly Rowland, Solange and Usher chat it up at the Marlies Dekkers' Paris fashion show. (Image courtesy LIFE)

Finally, we have someone to point a finger at for Usher’s horrendous songs on his latest album Raymond v. Raymond. Only Usher fans who are critically in denial would say the album was good. The standout single on it is Hey Daddy, which makes you pine for the days when Usher was a contemporary R&B star. Now it’s easier to just refer to him as the guy who discovered Justin Bieber. Who do we have to blame for this switch from contemporary R&B to a generic dance sound? Kelly Rowland.

According to an article, Kelly says she encouraged Usher to follow in her footsteps and do dance-floor friendly songs after he said he liked one of her tracks. She also says she was one of the first artists to experiment with the genre two years ago, after leaving Destiny’s Child, and her peers weren’t sure if it would work at the time. News flash: it didn’t. Sure, Kelly’s won two Grammys (one for best sung/rap collaboration with Nelly on “Dilemma), but her albums don’t exactly fly off the shelves. All of her dance-floor singles sound the same.

If you’re a true artist, you can create your own sound in the genre, like Ne-Yo. When I first heard Raymond v. Raymond it seemed to me that Usher was trying to copy Ne-Yo a bit, but only works if you create the sound. When you just use generic beats and songs you didn’t write, it sounds cheesy.

For his next album, I think Usher should listen to his fans and go back to the sound he used for Confessions. Is it me or was every single on that record great? I bet he didn’t take any advice from Kelly Rowland on that one.

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Facebook Revolutionizes Messaging

I used to think Disney secretly owned the world, but now I think Facebook is not-so-slowly taking it from them. Their new messaging system is revolutionary.

At first, the thought of getting a Facebook e-mail address seemed stupid. But when I watched the above video, I took back every thought I ever had about it being a dumb idea. It’s a much smarter idea than traditional e-mail. One of the most important things you need to think about when making any content is your audience and Facebook took everyone into consideration, even people who aren’t in their core demographic but who are important to their demographic (your grandmother who doesn’t have a computer, much less a Facebook) into consideration.

I think it’s time for the so-called techy people to stop idolizing Steve Jobs and his black shirt and to start looking up to the guys at Facebook. They’re making people like Jobs and Bill Gates look like they never worked a day in their lives.

Watch the video for more information and read the article on to see how to upgrade your Facebook messaging.

It’s been a while…but I’m in love again


Kirsten Dunst for Boy. by Band of Outsiders

I am a complete and total freak for The Moment, the New York Times style blog. I am subscribed to their RSS feed. Anyway, I fell head over heels in love with Boy. by Band of Outsiders.

Scott Sternberg, the designer, was just nominated for Menswear Designer of the Year for the Council of Fashion Design’s 2009 Fashion Awards. That’s a great honor and well-deserved. He’s bringing his masculine touch to Womenswear.

Paging Annie Hall

If Woody Allen were to remake Annie Hall, I have no doubt his costume designer would skip the consignment shops this time and go with Boy.

The clothes are reminiscent of the look that put Diane Keaton on the map and had every woman in the world trying to put a masculine touch in her clothing until the 90s.

There are no tacky female tuxedo shirts and oversized shoulder pads here.

Womenswear can be quite uncomfortable, but Boy. transcends location. You could be out on a shopping spree in the same outfit you take a nap in. Everything breathes well, which is great for people living on the coast. As a someone who grew up on the beach, I know how hard it is to look fashion forward when it’s 90 degrees outside. Great design can be worn anywhere, so you don’t have to change your clothes five times during one day.

Masculinity Isn’t Everything.

Even though a good amount of their designs have a masculine edge that appeals to every woman who used to be a bit of a tomboy, they also have uber feminine clothes.

Sarah Silverman for Boy. by Band of Outsiders

Sarah Silverman for Boy. by Band of Outsiders

If you want to work at a magazine or be an executive, Boy. clothes would fit your lifestyle. They mix comfort with class. Skirts are made of comfortable, breathing material, instead of some uncomfortable mystery fabric.

There are a lot of high-waisted skirts and jackets. It’s slim-fitting, but not too tight.

Even the more masculine pieces can be combined with stilettos to give it a more feminine edge. Take away the stilettos and put on flats, for for a more casual look.

The Name Says It All

Boy. The period makes it a sentence. It’s like, “enough said.”

When you see the designs, you don’t need an explanation, you just need to start shopping. The clothing quality and versatility speak for themselves.

Boy. simply works with everything. The design is perfect.

Now, if I could only afford it.

Boy. is on sale at boutiques and department stores around the world. You can see their Web site for a list of stores and to see their 2009 look book.

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Spring Must-Have

So, I am casusunglassesally surfing the net looking at fashion accessories I can’t afford as a college student, which is everything. I come across a must-have for a spring, a few actually, but this is my favorite because I just started wearing my contacts again.

Sunglasses with a dark tint and a lighter frame are in. No more picking from just white, black or brown frames in lieu of those bright 80s glasses. You can start looking for more pastels and smaller, more rounded aviators. The whole thing looks a lot more chic and grown up. I have been rocking big sunglasses for a long time, but I’m getting tired of the juvenile nature of the design. These look so much more mature.

If you’re growing up and have decided to look like a high schooler anymore, find these shades! The ones pictured start at $390, so I wouldn’t recommend breaking the bank to be the first in town with this new trend. You can be patient, especially in this economy, and wait for them show up at your mall.

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Talking to the Homeless

There are too many people living homeless in America and no one is doing anything about it. Someone asked me how long it took for the government to finally go into New Orleans and help the Katrina victims. My answer: what year is it? They really haven’t helped at all and they still aren’t doing much.

I went to the Rescue Mission today to interview someone who is in financial trouble. I met a lady who is actually working there as part of her rehabilitation. She is a recovering drug addict living on the $15 a week stipend the program gives her. She has hope for her future. Maybe I’ll post the article on here when it is done. She was a great interview and very inspiring.

I don’t want to reveal too much because I want you guys to read the article, especially if it gets published. We’ll see how everything goes. I spent an hour in there talking to her and a lot of other people. One man even had to have knifes confiscated because he was walking around with them in his back pocket! It was pretty intense.

The whole center was very interesting. A lot of people are feeling hopeless. They just sit around watching television and playing cards. Some of them are outside, smoking and talking about how their lives used to be. It was hard to see because I want to help these people, but there’s only so much that I could do.

When we go along our way, we need to realize that people helped us get to where we are. I have made so many contacts as a journalist and I know I will be able to use them later for my own benefit, but I can’t forget to be a help to them. The lady I interviewed today had a great singing voice, so if I ever needed someone to sing gospel, I would recommend her for the job. You never get to where you are alone and a lot of people in that center today helped build the city and protected our rights in several wars, but can’t even get a job now. The only way to get by in life is to help one another.

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Suspect Charged in Pastor Shooting

If you didn’t read, a pastor in Illinois was shot yesterday during service when a man walked in. He also stabbed several parishioners who tried to come to the minister’s aid. He’s charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery.

After shooting Pastor Fred Winters, of First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois, the gunman, suspected to be Terry J. Sedlacek, tried to come at the pastor with a knife when his gun jammed. That’s when church members came in to stop him, getting stabbed in the process. People were praying on their knees for God’s help while this vigilante gunman killed their minster.

The motive in the murders in unknown, but the congregation members did say words (possibly friendly or otherwise) were exchanged between the pastor and his attacker right before he opened fire on him.

CNN’s full story on the suspect’s capturing

It reminds me of the Amish killings a few years ago. We may never know what drove him to do something like this to a man of God.

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