Nicki Minaj Gets ‘Bossed Up’

Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed Nicki Minaj "The New Queen of Hip Hop"

Last week, Nicki Minaj’s MTV Documentary, entitled “My Time Now,” premiered and fans all over sat in front of the TV to get to know the hip hop artist a little better. Personally, I was watching “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but I flipped to the documentary on commercial breaks. After RHOA went off, I went to and watched the entire documentary.

Nicki has lived through a lot of struggles, like being raised by her grandmother in Trinidad while her parents made a life for them in the U.S., having a crack-addicted father and a string of bad jobs. Now, it’s her time and she’s taking it seriously.

I liked Nicki before, but after seeing this episode, I started to like her even more. She’s not just an artist, she’s a businesswoman. She’s not stupid like Lil’ Kim (her Black Friday diss was awful; my mom was listening to it with me and she fell asleep a minute into the song) because she knows her time won’t last forever. I think that’s were a lot of artists mess up. They think we’ll always love them, but people are fickle with music.

My favorite part of the documentary was when she discussed the double standard between women and men. Although at the end of the rant, she asked them not to run it because she thought it made her look stupid, I’m glad they did. She made some really great points and looked anything but stupid.

Here’s the clip where she discusses being a “bitch” v. “bossed up”:

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