Matt LeBlanc Returns to TV

Just when you’d gotten over the bad taste in your mouth that was caused by bad fall premieres (Anyone catch an episode of Undercovers before they pulled the plug?), it’s time for winter premieres. I’ve heard some whispers around the water cooler about the fall season, which will be packed with remakes and shows based on archetypes instead of actually creating complex characters (The critic in me is excited, but the TV-watcher side is sad.), which is the downfall of network television. So, I’m looking to winter for some shows that may be able to give me a little satisfaction before the remake invasion.

Enter, Episodes. The return of Matt LeBlanc, aka Joey from Friends and from the short-lived sitcom named after the same character. Episodes has the quality of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm by portraying a well-known person in the entertainment industry who is playing a version of himself. Basically, Matt LeBlanc is playing Matt LeBlanc. I’m not fond of the narrator in the trailer because it makes it sound a little outdated. (It actually reminds me of the trailer for Breakfast at Tiffany’s). But the show looks promising. I like the idea of British actors and American actors together, but it’s probably going to be a challenge if they plan on meshing the two genres of humor because they’re so different. Comedy usually doesn’t travel well across the Atlantic.

Could this be the return of Matt LeBlanc? Or, more importantly, the catch phrase, “How you doing?”

The show premieres in January of next year.

Be sure to check out what to expect from other television shows next year courtesy of New York Magazine. (I’m obsessed with them.) Of course, I will be putting in my two cents on some of them after they premiere.

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One thought on “Matt LeBlanc Returns to TV

  1. Regina says:

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